Wednesday, August 1, 2012

HP Ambassador Campaign ? HP ePrint Challenge: Day 2 - PC ...

Summer is mostly the time when most activities are done indoors (unless you?re going to the beach). When my family members of mine arrived to spend the summer holidays with us, I took the time to do a simple activity that would we can enjoy and for our other family members who can?t make it.

Okay, so I thought why not do some sort of a game in which I can simply let them know which items to find. It was an idea suggested by my Mom saying that she needs quite a few pictures and images where she can add to the family scrapbook she is currently doing. I also suggested that our relatives can simply scan and send the images directly to our home printer so that she can collate all the images. She sounded excited ? and so am I.

I listed a few ideas and then scanned my document and sent them to each and every one of my family members using HP?s ePrint.

So I thought why not use these HP web-enabled printers to spread?the word about the challenge. That way, I can also include some relatives back home about the challenge. Luckily, they also have some HP web-enabled printers so no need for me to send a file for them to print ? I can simply send the directions directly to the printer so they would know.

First thing I have to do is send a list of things that my family members need to find using the HP printer. I made a simple list of things that they need ?to provide and send to our home printer. I gave my family the whole to finish the project. To make it interesting, the first ones to submit a complete photoset wins a prize.

One of my cousins in the Philippines emailed this collage he made of us. He sent it through my HP?s web-enabled printer via email and its started printing right away.

Sure enough, we?ve started receiving images from family members all over. I even have relatives from the US who joined in. HP definitely made these tasks easier with these web-enabled printers. Before, I usually have to connect the printer to a computer to start printing ? now, even without a computer, everything can be done in a jiffy.

Stay tuned as I present more challenges on the HP web-enabled printers.


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